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and because bullying is not.

Coming soon! Get some GAB GEAR to show the world you’re an “Upstander” and stand with Generations Against Bullying to stop bullying. The GAB GEAR store will feature trendy t-shirts, pins and wristbands for everyone along with awesome anti-bullying art and posters. Of course, 100% of GAB GEAR store profits goes towards school and community ant-bullying education, programs and events.


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Official GAB Tshirts

Our uber-fashionable unisex t-shirts feature the new GAB “Upstander” logo. This modern T resists shrinking, fading and spills—for and features an extraordinarily soft, smooth feel and fashionable look clean, crisp look that lasts all day long.



GAB Pins are the perfect companion with our GAB T’s. Choose our glossy light gray pin featuring GAB’s popular Upstander Pin featuring our new “Circle-A” logo or the modern jet-black pin with the new Official GAB logo.


GAB Wristbands This popular silicone wristband features GAB’s popular “circle-A” logo and really makes a personalized statement that you fight against bullying for all to see.


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All Hail the Bully.
They seek respect by disrespecting others.
How messed up is that?
Be an upstander.

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Chicks Dig Insecure Guys
who hit others to prove how tough they are. Not.
Bullies are the weak ones.
Be an upstander.

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Date a Bully
They’re shallow misguided and weak.
Kind of like you.
It takes one to date one.
Be an upstander.

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Just Kidding
Isn’t an Excuse
It makes you a bully.
Be an upstander.

Modern, creative posters designed by GABS amazing student Upstanders. Donate and receive your choice of GAB’s 4 limited edition posters. What a great conversation piece for your room, home, office or school!

Posters are standard sized at 24″ x 36″ and are shipped rolled inside a protective tube.

Limited Edition Collectibles

Ad Prints

These limited edition ad prints are stunning full color replicas of the GAB ads featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinels “Partners for Humanity” campaign. The ads are part of a campaign sparking national conversation, and the limited edition prints are is now being sought by collectors of modern art, pop-art, ad art and of course those that want to deliver a dramatic visual anti-bullying message.

How to reserve your print? Sign up below for more details coming soon.

Be The Bigger Kid

Your kids have the power to stop bullying, All it takes is a single word. When a bystander becomes and bystander and gets involved in a non-threatening way, the bullying stops 85% of the time. click image to enlarge

Words have stopping power

If kids see someone being bullied, all they have to do is say something. Just getting involved in a non-threatening way stops bullying in less than 10 seconds 85% of the time. That’s the difference between bystander and an upstander. click image to enlarge


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