What is an Upstander school?

An Upstander school is a school that supports and encourages students to be upstanders. Upstander Schools will be recognized by the Upstander decal on their entrance doors. Upstander Schools will also be speckled with the GAB Upstander symbol on student’s clothing, backpacks, lockers, and book covers. Teachers will have the choice to have the Upstander symbol on his or her materials and in the classroom. There are GAB Upstander posters to be hung around schools.

What is an Upstander?

An upstander is someone that stands up to a bully in a non-threatening way, ultimately ending a bullying situation. Studies have shown that if a bystander becomes an upstander, the bullying will stop 85% of the time within 10 seconds. By teaching students to be upstanders, it helps to put the power to significantly diminish bullying into their hands in a positive and more effective manner. Commonly, parents, teachers and administrators are the last to know about a bullying or cyber-bullying situation until it is too late, which can lead to bullycide (suicide as a direct result of bullying). Through empowerment, confidence, and support, students can learn to become upstanders which subsequently creates a safer, healthier, and more comfortable learning environment for all. This can ultimately lead to academic and attendance improvements.

The Upstander Symbol

The Upstander symbol was thoughtfully designed to be able to be recognized immediately, and nationwide, as an Upstander to bullying. If a school is an Upstander School or a student is an Upstander and displays the symbol on their belongings, bullies will think twice before acting out because of the upstanding support that is present. GAB strives to turn every school throughout the nation into an Upstander School.

How can we qualify to be a Peer Ambassador School?

Just contact GAB for more information, a school visit and presentation and to answer all your questions.

What donation is required to become a Peer Ambassador School?

1-4 School(s): $2500
5-10 Schools: $2250 per school
11+ Schools $2000 per school

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