Speaker Series

GAB has a speaker series ready to provide a lasting message for our youth.

GAB speakers provide the platform to begin a productive dialogue. We will remain in contact, rather than considering the job complete. We seek to offer resources to build upon the momentum created from the school assembly.

GAB school assemblies are carefully planned to bring awareness to the devastating effects of bullying, encouraging respect towards one’s peers, and providing the inspiration and roadmap to be an upstander.


  • Bring awareness to all students, faculty, and staff about the prevalence of bullying.
  • Discuss historical upstanders and anecdotal stories of upstanders.
  • Inspire and provide students the roadmap to become upstanders.

GAB believes all kids have the ability to make a difference in the world, and we seek to inspire them by teaching the key ingredients and commonalities of the great upstanders in history. The underlying message of being an upstander requires love and the courage to act.

GAB Follow-up Plan

GAB views the school assembly as the essential first step toward addressing the bullying epidemic.

Students often have many questions that go unanswered. The school assembly will encourage students to seek out answers to their questions:

  • Who can I trust and tell that I am being mistreated?
  • How do I get someone to stop bullying me?
  • How do I respond to social media attacks?
  • How can I become an upstander?

GAB’s speakers provide a positive message about bullying, to help open the door for teachers to start a dialog with students:

  • Strategies for preventing bullying by encouraging a culture of respect for the differences among students.
  • How building a positive support network among students and other adults can help prevent bullying.
  • Positive engagement of teachers, staff, and faculty, can create an atmosphere for constructive communication.


School assemblies are another method of providing resources to the community. We provide resources for both teachers, administration, and students to serve as a basis for further conversations after the assembly. Our resources and messages are tailored to the intended audience, whether it is elementary, middle or high school students. We provide hands-on materials that include ongoing efforts to combat bullying. The follow-up packet includes the importance for peer to peer interaction, character building, role playing, anti-bullying contracts, and activities concerning cyberbullying intervention and response.


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