An Open Letter to Our Sponsors and Donors.

Dear Sponsors and Donors,

On behalf of Generations Against Bullying (GAB), we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your support.

My name is Linda Lee, Executive Director of Generations Against Bullying. This letter comes with a heartfelt thank you for your kindness and generosity. Your continued support has helped us in so many ways. We know schools are struggling and simply do not have the funds available, and your support helps us bring in special speakers in hundreds of school assemblies. This gives us the opportunity to engage and implement our Upstander Peer Ambassador Program. Our Upstander Peer Ambassador Program has proven to create extraordinary leadership abilities in our students by teaching them the tools and providing the resources to be an Upstander in a non-threating way.

We have brought entire communities together to show our powerful 54-minute special addition movie that combines the Emmy winning documentary of Lee Hirsch’s Bully Movie with Anderson Cooper’s 360 Program follow-up. We know our outreach efforts involve more than just reaching out to the schools. We need to get the whole community involved.

Our future generation is at risk. Bullycide (suicide as a direct result of bullying) is becoming one of the leading causes of death in our children between the ages of 10-14. It’s going to take sponsors like you, who care about our future generation, to stop this epidemic and continue our mission.

Bullying does not occur in front of the teachers, administrators, or counselors-it occurs among the students. Therefore, we want to put the power to stop bullying back into the hands of the students. We want to implement our Upstander Peer Programing in every school across America. We know through years of hands-on experience, the act of being an Upstander is heroic. It takes incredible courage and strength. It is a sign of greatness. It is an act of love. Historic figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Mahatma Ghandi, made their mark on history by acting as Upstanders motivated by the love for others.

On behalf of our children, whose lives you will touch by your donation, we are grateful for caring people like you, who can help us make a difference. Please keep this written acknowledgement of your donation for your tax records. Generations Against Bullying is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) service organization. Donors may deduct contributions as provided in the IRC 170(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code. EIN# 46-1571962. As a non-profit, 501(c)(3), your donation is tax deductible.


Linda Lee and the GAB Family

What is an UPSTANDER?

When you see a bullying situation unfold in your presence, what choice do you make? Do you keep walking? Do you stop and watch? Do you take out your phone and begin recording? Do you call for help? Do you take a risk and lend a hand? If this last option is your choice then, perhaps “YOU’RE AN UPSTANDER”
Bullying will stop within 10 seconds 85% of the time if the bystander becomes the Upstander in a non-threating way.

The Upstanders in our schools are the ones that ask the outliers on the sidelines to join in the game. They make space at the lunch table for someone sitting by themselves. They make sure everyone is included in a partnership or group. They smile at others in the hallways and say hello to the people that need it the most. It is not expected or suggested by society. It takes incredible strength and courage. It is a sign of greatness.

Special thanks to Ponyville for their donation to GAB
that helps support our outreach programs.

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