Board of Directors

Head Coach Football


Generations Against Bullying is proud to announce our partnership with Clay Iverson, a candid, entertaining, and heartfelt speaker. Clay’s “Championship Standards” not only illustrates what it takes to be the best of…

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FBI Public Affairs Specialist

Leonard has been the FBI Public Affairs Specialist in Milwaukee since 2007. He achieved his BS in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, WI. Leonard is an excellent speaker and refined…

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M.D. Board Certified

Dr. Raul Mateo is one of the most famous doctors in Saint Francis, Dr. Raul Mateo is a family and geriatrics doctor in Saint Francis, Wisconsin and is affiliated with Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center and St. Lukes South…

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Municipal Judge

My grandpa gave me my first job at his famous shoe store, Hecker’s Shoes, as a stock boy. Teaching me to be tough and fight hard, he promised me America was a country where no dream was impossible if you give…

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Attorney – Hall Legal

James Hall has practiced law in Milwaukee since his graduation from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1979. He is a prominent Milwaukee civil rights attorney. James has been selected to receive the inaugural…

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Wisconsin’s Former First Lady

As Wisconsin’s Former First Lady, Tonette Walker most enjoys using her role to help improve the lives of the people of Wisconsin. She is currently working in partnership with various foundations and non-profit organizations to…

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