In the summer of 2016, the Bader Rutter Ad Agency approached GAB to represent then us in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Partners In Humanity competition.

This competition is an annual program that utilizes the regions top creative talent to create a pro-bono ad campaign for non-profits who normally would not have access to such resources.

The creative half page ads for each organization were published in the newspaper twice in a week and at the end of the competition a panel of experts chose the top 3 winners that best represented their organization.

Bader Rutter’s ad for GAB won 3rd Place.

Also, for this competition, Bader Rutter created a new GAB logo. This new logo has allowed GAB to have a distinctive symbol that will be a national call-to-action to create upstanders.

Thank you to all the wonderful professionals at Bader Rutter for their work.

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