Michael Turner

Michael Turner knows plenty about bullying.

He used to be one.

“I never realized how bad I was,” Turner said.

Now his goal is to help reduce bullying.

“I know now the pain that I have committed.”

Bullies can more easily target people now than when he was young, Turner said.

“With social media now, we call [bullies] ‘studio gangsters,’ so now it’s a lot of talk,” Turner said.

Bullies can “intimidate ten people [now]… versus me having to wait for you after school.”

Turner supports the strategy, and has the following ideas for what witnesses could say in such a confrontation:

Why do you want to pick on somebody?
What are you getting out of having this guy scared of you?
Obviously he’s scared of you, so you already won.

When a bystander intervenes, bullying stops within 10 seconds more than 50 percent of the time, according to stopbullying.gov.


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